August 29, 2008

I had to post this picture

I glanced at it on hide those cookies' blog and it took me a few seconds to register what he's doing with that cookie dough. Have to laugh but I also find it sad..... the fat girl's version of crack!

August 28, 2008

2 weeks post-partum.....

and I'm down 27 pounds so far. WOOHOO!! Thank you breastfeeding and not being able to drive and so have no way to get out and buy crap food on my own!!

This is as per my old analog scale. I still dont register on my digital scale as it only goes up to 300 pounds, and if I remember correctly, when I first bought it, there was a 7 pound difference between it and my old analog scale. I'm hoping I will be able to use the digital as of next Thursday. In which case I wont really show a loss, but oh well. I think it's probably more accurate than my old ancient one and I like to see those decimals. Nothing like seeing you've lost 2.1 pounds..... soooooo much better than just 2 :)

August 22, 2008

1 week post-partum....

...and I've lost 16 pounds.... that's almost 9 pounds of baby and about 5 pounds of *stuff* :) ... which leaves about 2 pounds of fat lost. woohoo ;)

I'm not TRYING to lose weight... have been eating really well as my support team (hubby and parents) have been feeding me yummy (but not always the healthiest) meals.

I'm still in quite a lot of pain as my incision hasn't healed well.... cant walk well and so I'm feeling a tad sorry for myself and chocolate makes me feel better :) Fortunately, since I'm unable to get out on my own, I dont have access to a lot of it, so it's been minimal.

I'll see what happens at my 2 week mark on Thursday, and then it's only a week til I get *serious*!! I had hoped to be closer to 300 by Sept 4th, but oh well.

What I've been doing well is no pop and no fast food, both of which I craved in my last month of pregnancy and are major trigger foods. This week I'm trying to cut back on the sugar and the chocolate and make sure I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies.

Over and out

August 17, 2008

So I had a baby......!

Well hello there to the maybe 2 people who still visit this blog :)

Just a little update......
I had my baby! A very sweet baby boy whom we named Evan David. Came into this world on Thursday, August 14th at 9:04am via a planned c-section. He weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces, which is a big baby by most standards, but a pip-squeak by ours! My daughter was 10 pounds and my first son was 9 pounds, 14 ounces. However my daughter was born a whole month before Evan (she was overdue), so I'm sure he woulda pudged up if given the chance :)
I gained a LOT of weight with this pregnancy. Exactly what I was afraid of, but what's done is done. At my last weigh-in a week before I gave birth, I weighed in at 326 pounds - 5 pounds more than I was on the day my first son was born. I dont know what I weighed on the actual day, but I will be weighing myself this Thursday at the one week post-partum to see where I'm at. With my first baby, I lost 25 pounds that first week, so that would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath... the weight didn't come off as fast with my 2nd!
I THINK that at the time I found out I was pregnant, I weighed about 283 pounds. My plan was to gain hardly anything - to try not to go over 290, but that plan was shot to hell in the first 2 months! My embarrassment at my lack of control over my food intake and the amount I was gaining led me to not feel worthy of posting here. I had nothing to say except how disappointed I was feeling, so I avoided writing on this little blog of mine like the plague. However I made myself HAVE to come here everyday in order to link to the blogs of all the people who inspire me (this probably means you), so that I couldn't totally avoid being accountable, and I knew I'd return after I gave birth with a 'second wind'.
My plan is to start back at the weight loss *thing* on Thursday, September 4th. That gives me time to recover from my surgery, let my hormones get back to normal, get into the swing of things looking after 3 kids, and gaining back some control over my emotions, anxieties and stress levels (I find it usually takes about 6 weeks to get through the fog that a new baby creates in your life). I am breastfeeding which helps with weight loss, but not if you eat crap, and so I will need much more than that to lose the weight I want to lose.
My other update is that we are moving across the country to Ottawa. My husband has accepted a job there and we are really excited to move. We already have an offer in on a house there, but it's contingent on selling our house here by the 25th. The market here in Vancouver is ridiculously slow and frustrating, and after 3 weeks our house remains unsold. 3 weeks isn't that long, but it IS when you only have a month to sell your house!
So... I have a lot on my plate. Trying to sell house (which means keeping house clean at ALL times in case someone wants to see it - try THAT with 2 kids.... and hey, now try that with 2 kids and a newborn and see how relaxed you feel!), buying a house, planning the packing and move, oh yeah and having a baby... it all adds up to a whole lotta stuff to deal with. I'm just trying to go with the flow and deal with things one day at a time and will be gearing up to getting back into the swing of things weightloss-wise in about 2 and half weeks, making little changes from now until then so that I dont sabotage myself with my usual mantra of *I'm going to change EVERYTHING about how I eat as of the 4th*!
Thanks to everyone who left little notes of support and to just say 'hi' over the last 8 months. I'm really sorry I've been MIA on YOUR blogs. I hope you're all doing well :)