November 2, 2009


.....and I'll take it!!! Slowly slowly slowly..... I've stopped thinking of losing weight in terms of time... meaning I no longer am saying *I'll lose 20 pounds by Christmas* etc etc ... I'm just going to lose it.... however long it takes!!

On the upswing of things, my husband got a different job within his old company, and started the new position today .... the downside is that I'm going to have to give up the luxurious lifestyle I've been enjoying in the last 4 weeks that he hasn't been working.... I've been going to the gym every morning, whenever I want, staying as long as I want, and returning whenever I want - and I'll tell ya - it was fun!
Too bad it's ending.... tomorrow I'm going to have to bring my youngest with me and put him in the daycare at the gym, and I'm not sure how much time he'll allow for cardio :)

Oh well, I do have to make it work... and I will.