September 18, 2008


I'm the same - 296... would like to blame it on the *molasses* excuse (see post below), but it's simply the result of some mindless and unhealthy eating this past week. I really do have to work on a) being more planned in my eating and b) working through my self-sabotaging. If ONLY I was as good at eating well as I am at sabotaging - I'm sure I could win the saboteur olympics if there was such a thing!

I'm thinking that this week every time I want to eat junk, I will first take a full length picture of myself and see if I still feel I *deserve* that cookie or whatever. And if this doesn't work, then I will get naked for said picture. Hard to deny reality with the bumps and lumps staring at me!!

September 11, 2008


So I've stayed at 296. My digital scale registers my weight sometimes, but not all the time, so I'm going to hold off on switching to that one as my official weigh-in scale til next week.

30 pounds in 4 weeks feels great, but I also know that my weight loss will slow down like molasses from now on, and I need to make sure that this fact doesn't ruin my mental and emotional outlook!

September 9, 2008

oh happy happy day...

So today I weighed in at 296...AND, I actually registered on my digital scale (the one that only goes to 300) at 299! So, I'm hoping to be able to use that one from now on. I'll have to eat (pardon the pun) the 3 pound difference, but whatever - it feels good to be on my way!

September 7, 2008


and I lost another pound :) Not quite as incredible as my first 3 weeks, but I had one of those *gotta eat all my favorite junk because I'm starting in earnest on Thursday* kinda weeks. And then I forgot to weigh myself on Thursday. hmmmmm *forgot* - how convenient!

Trying to navigate the gong show that is my house. My parents have left and my husband goes back to work tomorrow, so I'll be officially on my own with 3 people under the age of 4! ACK!