October 25, 2009

Always cold

Whenever I'm in the process of losing weight, I get so cold at night... Usually I'm always warm, warm hands, warm everything, but when I'm losing weight I just freeze. Tonight while watching TV I had a big sweater on, slippers and a big heavy blanket and I was still shivering!! So weird. My husband of course notices this, and the other night noticed that I WASN'T cold or shivering and jokingly asked whether I had *cheated* that day..... and I HAD! Crazy - but I had eaten a chocolate bar that afternoon and that night I wasnt cold.

I wonder why this happens? Is it a physiological occurance in my body where I dont have enough fuel to keep warm? Whatever it is, I find it very interesting! And the scale seems to reflect it the next day.....perhaps all that shivering shaves off a few pounds :)

October 24, 2009

Going out to dinner when you're *being good*

It sucks!!! We went to Montana's tonight with the kids - just to get out of the house and do something - as we haven't really gone out since hubby was laid off, and I just found it all just completely unfair! We went to a rib house and the kids had their usual unhealthy fair (they eat very healthy 98% of the time, so I let them go a little crazy on the fries etc when we got out) and my husband had wings... WINGS!! And let me tell ya - I wanted one those little buggers. Thankfully he ordered them waaaay too hot for my liking, so I didnt even have one.... no, I just sat there eating my dry burger on a whole wheat bun and side salad. B.O.R.I.N.G. The REASON I like going out is to eat stuff I never eat at home, so it just wasn't fun. My kids were fun, my husband was fun, but the food.... not fun.

Oh well, I weighed in at 286.5 this morning after spending 2 1/2 hours at the gym, so I'm happy. Cant move my legs, but I'm happy :)

October 22, 2009

Out of the blue.......

Well, here I am. Back. After more than a year's absence. Crazy.

This is what has happened in the past... ohhh i dont know, 13 months or so!

Moved across the country (to where there is lots of snow... brrrrr!), started walking everyday, lost weight, got plantar fasciitis, stopped walking, gained weight, had a fun summer, hosted my inlaws for 4 weeks, got kids started in school, started volunteering, husband got laid off (ummm why did you move us all the way out here then?!), started going to the gym everyday, started losing weight, realized I need more than just good nutrition and exercise to keep this up, posted to my blog.

That's it! At this current time I have lost an amazing 6 pounds since I last posted..... woohoo!!!! please please hold the applause!!!! so pathetic. There I said it - it IS pathetic - however I refuse to give in to my negative self talk, so I'm owning what I did or did not do this past year, and moving on.....