June 14, 2007


Here I am - recommitting... to the process, to my health, to my true inner *Leslie*. I need to give the voice who dominates so many of my thoughts a name I think... so that I can tell her to f*** off! Hmm that sounds like I'm schizophrenic or somthing doesn't it??!! But really I'm not, I just have this voice that seems to take over all decision making and has convinced me that I can't do it and am not even worth the effort! She's my gremlin... what shall I call her? I've thought about it a lot but haven't been able to come up with a name that can adequately explain everything she represents... she's so all-consuming. But there I go again - giving her so much power. Maybe I just need a simple name that carries no weight. Like 'Hey You' :) I'll think about that.

I will try my best to use this tool more effectively to help me along my way. It really does help hold myself accountable when I put things in writing.

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