June 28, 2007


I lost 5.5 pounds!! I am now in the 270's and pledge never to see the 280's again!

I found the week surprisingly easy. Maybe it's because my points target is 36, which feels so high... I actually had a couple of days when I was looking for something to eat to meet this target... and that was exciting because it means this really is doable. I went 10 points into my flex thanks to 2 extra pieces of pizza one night. It was too good to stop at 2, and since I hadn't touched my flex I thought I could indulge a bit. Nice to know that I can do this and still lose weight.

I was unable to exercise at all (cardio anyway) this past week because on Friday I dropped a frozen pizza on my big toe and it split my nail and I have been unable to walk properly all week. Just today it's starting to feel ok, so I hope to be able to put the old sneakers tomorrow and get back to my exercise routine. I'm a tad embarrassed about the whole thing - who knew the damage a Delissio pizza could do!!! I went to emergency on Sunday because I was worried about the nail coming off and I was the Drs first ever frozen pizza injury!! haha - funny - but god it hurt :(

I am excited to see if I will see a loss next week with this added exercise!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You're doing awesome!

Joan Brown said...

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