September 7, 2008


and I lost another pound :) Not quite as incredible as my first 3 weeks, but I had one of those *gotta eat all my favorite junk because I'm starting in earnest on Thursday* kinda weeks. And then I forgot to weigh myself on Thursday. hmmmmm *forgot* - how convenient!

Trying to navigate the gong show that is my house. My parents have left and my husband goes back to work tomorrow, so I'll be officially on my own with 3 people under the age of 4! ACK!


Ms.L said...

I'm looking forward to dental surgery tomorrow and a week of broth and yogurt,lol I'm hoping that kickstarts my old bod;p
Have you been to
I'm finding it really helpful.
Lost myself 5lbs after being stuck
for ...oh a year,lol

Hope your day tomorrow is easy peasy!

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