December 16, 2007


Woo hoo for me!! I lost 3.6 pounds this week to put me over 5 pounds loss - finally finally finally! I guess last week WAS a temporary and somewhat artificial gain cause by salt overload at my hubby's Xmas party or something...

Whatever - I'm THRILLED!

I also enjoyed myself immensely at the hotel on my own this weekend. Did a bit of shopping, but mostly just hung out in my jammies and read magazines, watched TV and movies, and made a dent in organizing my life and weight-loss goals for the new year. Dont really believe in new year's resolutions, but I do like the feeling of it being a fresh new year with tons of opportunities for success and achievements.

I'm also proud of myself because I didn't go on a crazy binge while on my own, and believe me I was fantasizing about it last week in a major way - especially on Friday!! Thinking of all the crap I was going to buy and eat in my secret little binge nest. I ended up getting some chinese food, had a SMALL bag of chips, 1 chocolate bar and 2 pieces of licorice. It was quite the treat!!! I'm sure this sounds like a lot to many of you, but for me this was nothing..... me without restraint would have gotten 2 BIG bags of chips.. a BAG of chocolate, a BAG of licorice and probably had MacDonalds on top of the chinese food - all in just 2 days! I actually brought fruit, water and some All Bran bars with me this time, and so at least got in some healthy stuff amongst the crapola :)

Hope everyone has a good week!


Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on the weight loss... and the restraint you showed at the hotel. Good for you! :)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Way to go friend... And no, that doesn't sound like a lot to me... We are too much alike, in good ways and bad! I'm so glad you had a great little break!

Sonya said...

Great going! You did really well while out on your own. I know how tempting food can be.

Congrats on your fantastic loss!!!! It must feel so great. Yay for a 5 pound star!!!!

Scale Junkie said...

YAY Congrats on the 5 pounds, you are doing great!!

Saweetie-Carleen said...

you've done great!!! very well done with the eating on your own thing...DH had some business in vancouver couple weeks ago and the first thing that crossed my mind was to have a good ole fashined eat fest....but I didn't-- amazing how bad habits are hard to change..
Take Care!

noelle said...

good for you for enjoying your relaxing time without a binge. That doesn't sound like a lot of food to me, either. You did great just enjoying a few treats on your own.

And I enjoy January and new starts too.

So happy for you to get 5 pounds! You are moving in the right direction and this time of year that can be really hard!

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