December 7, 2007

An easier way to stalk you big losers!!

I don't know about you, but I go to my favorite bloggers' sites at least once a day to see if they've posted, and I WAS doing that by clicking on their links on MY blog below... this didn't take THAT long to do, but if no one had posted, it got a bit boring (and disappointing!) after a while.

Well. I just have to say, that thanks to Scale Junkie, I am now using the most amazing tool! It's called Google Reader and it acts like an inbox for all the blogs you read - showing you if anyone has posted anything new. All you have to do is *subscribe to* (add) someone's blog, and it will automatically show if they've posted since you last looked. AMAZING!!

I'm sure some (most?) of you are already using this or something similar, but it is a delightful surprise for me... it means I can cut down on the amount of time I spend on here (my husband will thank me!) AND I can actually read MORE blogs (cause I'm a junkie for weight loss inspiration!)... even if I dont link to them from my blog. Ok I guess my husband WON'T be thanking me!

The way it works is that in your inbox you'll see a list of all the blogs you've subscribed to - and they will be bolded if they have a new post. You can link to the person's actual blog just by clicking on their post title - which is what you'll have to do if you want to comment. The only housekeeping thing I had to do was open my inbox and *mark all posts as read* as it had the last 158 posts people had made and I guess assumed I hadn't read them yet.

You can also see who has subscribed to your blog, and its *trends* features shows you how many posts you received, how many you've read, etc etc....

Anyway, if anyone's interested, you can find Google reader here: - it literally took me 10 minutes to add everyone's blog and then I added a link to it on my blog so I can see in 2 seconds if anyone's posted since I last logged on!

Sorry for the crazy excitement - I just love technology, shortcuts and time savers :)

On a weight loss note, I have my weigh in tomorrow, and once again my scale says I'm down... we'll see what those crazy fluctuating WW scales say tomorrow though! I have my husband's company Xmas party tonight.... and I'm planning not to drink at all or eat too much (hard - because they put on quite the spread).... but I'm fine with this because we have another Xmas party to go to tomorrow night and I plan to indulge then :)

Happy Friday and thank you thank you Scale Junkie!

Update: OK - I think I just figured out how I sometimes get comments immediately after posting a new post! duh :)


Scale Junkie said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you like it!! You did a way better job of explaining it than I did! Its so convenient and so easy to use, its like reading your email.

Sonya said...

lol...thanks to her I also am now using it!

I was using microsoft feeds before but got frustrated with it b/c it would not show me the updates fast enough. For instance what you just wrote I would not find out about until 24h later at least. I ended up just doing what you were doing (clicking on links from my blog). Not anymore though!!!! I'm liking this google reader already.

amma15 said...

Nice blog, I'm adding you to my blog roll!

Yea I've been using this google reader for a bout a month now, it's great!

Maddds said...

WOW I had never heard of that, now I'll have to figure out how to do this, I am a total computer illiterate!!

May the scale be with you at WWrs!


Sonya said...

I believe you were the first to come up on my google reader too! lol... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

Best of luck as you continue your weight loss journey!

Scale Junkie said...

Now you have to do what I'm trying so hard to do, actually LOG in and not let the posts build up LOL

Saweetie-Carleen said...

you rock thanks for the reader tip!!! that will make life easier :)