December 20, 2007

A little *BUMP* in the road..... I think I'm pregnant.... AAAAHHHHHHH .....and I'm feeling a bit numb... or maybe it's denial?!! My hubby and I have always said we'd like 3 kids, and given the fact that we were told we had less than a 1% chance of even having 1 kid, AND given the fact that we had sex exactly once... on Dec 6th (yes I remember..... it's been a slow month!), this baby would be a friggen miracle. I knew we had sex around the time I was ovulating (when we thought we were infertile, I got REALLY good at tracking my cycle - so much so that I can now FEEL when I ovulate!!), and we didn't use any protection, but I thought at the time, 'there's NO way'. HA!

But I should have gotten my TOM this week, and I've been experiencing a few weird signs, and so yesterday when I was spending too much money at Walmart, I picked up a pack of their generic pregnancy tests and tested this morning. It was a faint line, but it was a line. And so here we are. I'm expecting my husband home from Arizona in about 45 minutes, and I'm going to break the news.... he'll be THRILLED. And I know I WILL be. There's just a few things I have work through before I'm there.

TIMING: We had planned to start *trying* in Feb/March... this was because (selfishly) I REALLY wanted to go to my 20 year high school reunion in Nova Scotia in early August. Well that's not going to happen now - I'll be 8 1/2 months pregnant!

MONEY: This means I won't be working before this baby comes, which means no EI from the government and we'll be living on hubby's income only for a while. It's going to be TIGHT.

MY WEIGHT: My hope was that I would be quite a bit lighter when I got pregnant again. Although I love being pregnant and also love the *I'm supposed to have a big belly* feeling that goes along with it, I still hated being FAT and pregnant... not to mention the stress on my hips and legs - blah

Anyway, these are minor concerns... I know how devastating it can be to NOT be able to conceive and so I feel so blessed that it happened so easily and I'm NOT complaining... I'm really not. I just need to work through some of these mixed emotions.

And I need to test again tomorrow morning... maybe the test I used was broken or something :)



Chubby Chick said...

Wow! What exciting news! I can only imagine how you're feeling! Kids are such a blessing... so congrats to you and hubby! Keep us posted on everything! :)

noelle said...

I have so totally been there before. Knowing the exact night you conceived and wanting to wait to get through a special moment and wishing there was more money and not wanting to be pg before you lost the weight.

TOTALLY been there. CONGRATS!!!! I'm so happy for you! It will be awesome. And in a little way I am quite jealous even as my 2 littles are fighting like mad and the laundry is piled high and all the kids' rooms need to be cleaned. But I would love to have a little snuggly baby to look forward to.

HUGS my dear!!!

marie said...

WOWZA! big news! hope all works out in the end :) congrats

Scale Junkie said...

WOW!! This sounds like it was meant to be! Congrats and keep us posted!!

Sonya said...

Awe, Congratulations!!!!!
I can understand you needing it to sink in a little especially if you weren't exactly expecting it right now. It is great news, and I'm a true believer that things happen for a reason.

Congrats once again!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

That's what you get for letting your husband have sex with you! I told you not to do that.

For real- I'm so excited for you! This is just wonderful news, especially since you produce such perfectly adorable offspring! Congrats my friend!

Maddds said...

Congratulations!! There is nothing like a new baby!! Can't wait to hear it's official!!


Jenny O. said...

Big news! Congrats!