December 23, 2007


That's how I'm feeling. We still can't quite believe it's true. Even after a 4th pregnancy test which I took this morning and the line was no longer faint, I still haven't digested it. I'm starting to feel the excitement of picking a name, wondering what it he/she will look like, seeing him/her on an ultrasound for the first time, etc etc. On the other hand, I've already started worrying about its health, having amniocentesis again (which I had a REALLY hard time with emotionally with my 2nd) and of course the weight that I will probably gain.

I gained about 45 pounds with my first 2 pregnancies (each!) and I just CANT do that again. I got up to 320 with Matthew and my legs and hips just hated me at the end. Plus, carrying a 35 pound child up the stairs when you're over 300 pounds and pregnant just isn't fun.

Yes, I'm definitely disappointed that my weight loss goals have to be put on hold (temporarily mind you), but I'm also bound and determined that I will gain the least amount of weight I can by eating healthy and exercising. I definitely wont put this child in any danger by trying to lose weight while pregnant, but I'm hoping that by keeping myself in check and not eating for 2 or 3 or 4 as I sometimes did with my first 2 pregnancies; that I can end up not to far from where I am now in 9 months. I've read that a person of my size can safely gain about 15 pounds and have a perfectly healthy pregnancy, so that's what I'm going to aim for. I've also read that if you DO lose weight while pregnant, that the toxins stored in your fat cells can affect the baby, as can ketones in your blood from being in a constant state of low insulin (due to no carbs). I dont want either of these obviously, so the aim is healthy weight GAIN :)

Anyway, undoubtably many of you that read this will now find my posts boring... I mean this is supposed to be a weight loss blog, and although I'm not baby crazy like I was with my first, I doubt I'll have many inspiring weight loss posts......but it's ok - I forgive you all :) Hopefully I'll *see* you again next September when part 2 of my weight loss program starts up.

As a side note, we've been told that it's now quite probable that we will be relocated to Israel for my husband's work..... something I've agreed to commit to for 2 years. ACCKK!! Scary. However one of the good things about the move would be that I'd have my inlaws nearby to help me deal with 3 kids, whereas here I have no help. We're expecting an offer to be made in early Jan, and if it's satisfactory, we'll be moving in April!

Anyway, blah blah blah - hope everyone has a fantastic Xmas!!!

and HOLY CRAP!!!


Sonya said...

Congratulations hun!!!! I"m so happy for you. It looks like 2008 will be the year of changes for you.

I wish you all the best.

I'd still love to hear what's going on with you even if it's not weight loss related. So keep the blog coming. I will never find you 'boring'.

There is another person's blog I read and she also just got preggers. I'm not sure if you read her's now or not. IF not check out...She also is trying to not gain too much weight while pregnant, but also not lose either.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Merry Christmas and Holy Crap... Now THAT is the girl I love! I'm excited for your family! I think your out look on the potential weight gain is perfect!

Jenny O. said...

Weight loss related or not, keep on blogging! Many, many well wishes to you on this pregnancy. As for Israel- that sounds really exciting. Keep us posted!

Teale said...

Holy crap! Congrats!!!

TinyTrim said...

Hey, wow, whoa! I go away for a couple of weeks and you're pregnant! Congrats!!!

And I agree - please do keep blogging! I like reading your blog, and one day I'd like to be pregnant, too!

Happy New Year's and all the best to you in 2008!

Dee said...

Wow, congratulations! I will for sure still be tuning into your blog regardless! I *hope* to get pregnant with my 3rd child sometime in 2008, and my struggles would then become the same as yours. How to handle being overweight & pregnant & trying to keep the weight gain in check.

Saweetie-Carleen said...

I keep checkin back here to see how you are doin- hope all is well and you are just buys preparing for your new chapter in life...

Hope all is well

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