August 28, 2007

exciting times....

So, I just had to post because I'm so excited... I've been diligent with staying on plan this week so far, and have seen results on the scale (I do a mid-week weigh in on Mondays as a reality check). I was thinking this would happen as basically it's like I'm on week 1 due to being so off-plan for the last month, but it's exciting and motivating nonetheless. Can't wait to see what the all powerful and mighty scale says on Thursday!

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Chubby Chick said...

Hi, Leslie!

I just noticed a comment that you had left at Dee's blog, and I had to come over here and say "hi!" I just wanted to let you know that my starting weight was 48.4 pounds more than yours, so I know what it's like to have to lose alot of weight, too. I had 11.2 pounds off at my first week's weigh-in. My next weigh-in is this Thursday. We have the same weigh-in day. Woo hoo! lol

Good luck with your weight loss! I KNOW that you are going to reach your goal! We are all in this together, and with each other's help and encouragement...we WILL succeed!!!

I'll be checking in on you. :)