October 17, 2007

Mommy the hypocrite

What's wrong with THIS picture:


2 1/2 year old:
cheerios, bran buds and mini wheats (with bran - no sugar) - she chooses this combo and loves it!
1% milk
unsweetened dried cranberries
tsp bee pollen (a natural source of sweetness and energy)
tsp whey protein

1/2 cup blueberries

1 year old
cheerios (to keep him happy til I make the rest of his breakfast!)
1/2 cup blueberries
steel oat porridge mixed with pureed prunes, banana and apple



2 1/2 year old:
whole wheat pasta with flax oil and parmesan
half piece of whole wheat bread with almond butter
carrot sticks
yogurt (sweetened with fruit juice)
apple sauce

1 year old:
whole wheat pasta with flax oil and soy *parmesan* (has a dairy sensitivity)
half piece of whole wheat bread with almond butter
steamed cauliflower and brocolli (he eats this twice a day - loves it!!)
soy yogurt
1 kiwi

bits and bites of kids' meals
piece of cheese

I was out with a girlfriend for supper, so not sure what the kids ate for theirs, but since my husband follows my lead, I know it was healthy and balanced!!

It hit me today how much thought and energy I put into what my kids eat, but sadly I don't spend even 1/2 of that on myself. Now granted today was a bad day for eating (I usually eat a healthy breakfast and lunch), but it could easily be a typical one - and used to be. I know this is a trap a lot of moms fall into... making sure everyone else around them is getting what they need, and neglecting themselves. I'm sure it's why a lot of moms gain weight.... you spend all day on everyone else and then end up binging or just grabbing whatever's convenient when you have a moment to yourself. Today I just couldn't seem to find the time to sit and eat 2 healthy meals. This is a cop out though, as I did have time to both go on facebook and talk to a girlfriend for 15 minutes. Could have eaten instead of doing these 2 things... but anyway....just another example of where my priorities are and how I know that if I don't make eating healthy one of my top ones, then weight loss is just never going to happen.

Anyway, although I'm happy my kids are good eaters and like to eat the healthy food I give them, I know there will come a day when they will notice what and how I eat, and so far I'm not always setting a very good example!! Plus, my mom was overweight and I used to find the food she hid. I learned my exceptional food hiding skills from her and am terrified that I will pass on that and other bad habits to my kids. I do NOT want them to be overweight and live their lives always conscious of their size and it holding them back from being completely happy and living up to their potential.

Maybe I should just eat what they eat.... lots of fruits, veggies, fiber, whole wheat, lean protein, good fats, very little sugar.... hey, wait a minute, isn't that what Weight Watchers advocates?? hmmmmmm interesting.....The 'Eat What I Feed My Kids' Diet...... I'll write a book about it, be on Oprah, and become a millionaire.... yeah, that's it :)


Teale said...

I was just thinking before you wrote that last paragraph, "Why not just eat what you feed the kids?!" It's not that difficult to put out an extra plate or bowl and throw in some extra pasta or veggies to cook. A lot of times we get in the habit of treating others really well & looking out for their needs & what's in their best interest, but we forget about ourselves. Don't forget about YOU!

Scale Junkie said...

This reminds me of flying in a plane. (bear with me) When they go over the emergency instructions they say in the event of an emergency the little oxygen mask thingys will fall from the ceiling and you should put yours on first before you attempt to help others...basically if you don't put yours on first, you will be overcome by lack of oxygen and pass out and be able to help no one. The same thing is true with feeding your family, if you aren't putting the good stuff in your body, how will you stay healthy enough to help them?


honib1 said...

I think that is seriously a good idea.. most of the moms I do will feed their kids and then not eat healthy themselves.. so u are in good company.. I think u should start a new trend.. eating healthy as a family.. You do a wonderful job with your kids.. so why not do the same for you :-)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

TRUE that! I'm SO with you... It sounds like you really do go crazy trying to feed your kids healthy meals and that is great... but sometimes we forget how loudly our own actions speak (I could go on and on about what my food obsession has done to my poor little 5 year old daughter)... Honestly, it's a huge part of the reason that I've made the changes lately. Kudos to you for figuring it all out!

Oh, and by the by... I left you something on my blog.

noelle said...

Just like when I tell my kids that diet Coke is not a good drink while I guzzle mine down? Yeah, not a great example.

You feed your kids amazingly well. My kids are good eaters too...love their veggies...have forgotten all about white bread and non-whole wheat pasta. So why does mama still not take care of herself? That's my question for myself too!

Christine said...

STumbled on your blog - hope you don't mind. Love your menu for yourself and baby. :) Made me smile. We are on the same journey - hope to keep an eye on you!

Chubby Chick said...

Leslie, thanks for all the inspiring links that you left on my blog yesterday. I REALLY appreciate it! I checked them out, and will be adding them to my list ASAP. This little dose of inspiration has been just what I needed to get back on track today.

Thanks again!!! :)

John said...

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