November 3, 2007


In my *first* week of re-commitment I have lost 3.6 pounds. It's good, but it could have been better. Of course, having Halloween hit in the middle of my first week back didn't help, but I take full responsibility for my behavior.... I mean the little chocolate bars ARE the devil, but they didn't MAKE me eat them! I chose to indulge, however I indulged WAAAAY less than I would have 2 weeks ago. I could have eaten about 50 of those little guys, but I only ate about 10. So I consider that a victory!!

So I am celebrating my 3.6 pound loss. I'll take it... it's a small baby step toward a bigger goal, and hey, I'm out of the 280's, and I play to make that permanent :)


Scale Junkie said...

3.6 pounds!!! You ROCK!!! WTG Les!!

Chubby Chick said...

Congratulations on your re-commitment AND your weight loss so far! I re-committed after having an absolutely terrible October. A fresh start is so nice!

Here's to a great November and December! :)

Maddds said...

Congratulations, you're doing it!! This should kick start you back on the journey to goal, great job!!


noelle said...

YAY for you. And yeah, it's not geat that you ate too much chocolate, but you are right that at least you did limit yourself.

You are doing great! Keep it up, mama!

Sonya said...

Stop right now...take the 3.6lbs and run with it! Stop the negative self talk! 3.6 is awesome. I would die to lose that in one week - especially one with halloween in the middle!

You are rocking sister!!! Keep it up!

marie said...

That's amazing.

Be proud of your accomplishment!!

TinyTrim said...

Congrats! Those little chocolate bars ARE the devil, aren't they?

And thanks very much for leaving such an encouraging note on my blog. It really got me motivated again - not just to write more, but to keep at it. You're MY inspiration! :) :) :)

Teale said...

Congratulations! Every little bit counts!