November 19, 2007

I'm around, just going a little crazy

Well hello there.... :)

I've been absent... not sure why.... but I think because I've been so busy and a tad stressed out. It's hard with the husband away for many reasons... trying to exercise (which I've hardly done any of), trying to eat healthy (I've done OK), the risk of bingeing (which I'm happy to report I haven't done - yay me!), and dealing with a 3 year old with a burgeoning attitude and a one year old who's learning everything he needs to know from his sister, and never getting a break unless they're both sleeping.... could that be why I'm posting this at 1am??!!

Tonight, as I tried to convince my daughter to eat her brocolli, she said this to me in a very mommy-like voice: "Mommy, I'm not too happy with you right now. I think you should go to your bedroom and think about things. How does that sound?". I was in shock. Partly because I'm still amazed when I hear these out of the blue articulate sentences from her, and partly because I was hearing me admonishing her - I say a variation of this sentence about 20 times a day - I was listening to myself! And it's hard to hear yourself come back to you from a 3 year old's mouth. I tried to be serious and tell her that it wasn't a nice way to talk to me, but it sounded ridiculous even to me... so I ended up laughing instead.

But she still had to eat her brocolli :)

Anyway, the husband gets home tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get out of the house and do some *me* things this week before he leaves again on Saturday. I have dates with girlfriends lined up on Tues, Wed AND Thurs nights!! woo hoo..... I haven't been away from the kids in 12 days, and I cant wait to get into that car alone :) The poor husband's a bit upset that I'm not planning some romantic evenings in, but honestly, I NEED to get out!

I wasn't able to make my Saturday morning weigh in this week, and now I'm trying to decide whether I go in on Tuesday morning or if I wait til next Saturday. blah

I'm trying to keep my head up and not feel down on myself. My home scale reflects my effort these past 10 days - no loss, no gain, and I can't use my husband's absence as an excuse as why I haven't found the time or will to exercise. I know I need to find a way to eat healthy and get moving even when I'm on my own. My one victory is that I did not go bonkers on a binge.

I've been perusing a ton of blogs tonight..... you guys are ALL SO INSPIRING and you got me off my lazy blogging butt and posting - so thanks!!


Teale said...

LOL I love her little comment to you. Such a cutie:)

Sonya said... sounds like you have your hands full. I think you're doing really well with with everything right now. You're maintaining and that sure the heck is better than grabbing for a chocolate bar when stressed and gaining.

Have a great time out with your friends this week!

ps. your daughter was too cute made me laugh too.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

What a little smarty britches that girl is... Wonder where she gets it.

Scale Junkie said...

You've earned some ME time!! Your daughter has me cracking up!! So cute. Clearly you are a great Mom and its rubbing off on her!

noelle said...

Love the mouths of babes...when it's someone else's babe! LOL

I go for my walks in the morning whether hubby is here or not, but I have an 11 (almost 12) yo dd who can deal with a rambunctious toddler or preschooler if need me till I get back.

Good for you for not bingeing (is that how you spell it?)!!! It's so easy to do that when the kiddos are FINALLY down and hubby is not there to monitor my intake...not that he cares. And it's so easy to feel like I have earned those treats after dealing with my kids alone all day. KUDOS to you!