April 12, 2007

I believe....

... that my body WANTS to be thin... that if I feed it the right stuff and help it along with exercise, that it will naturally metabolize and get rid of the extra fat. I feel that this theory is supported by how I'm doing right now on this cleanse as I'm eating good food, exercising and adding in a few liver and colon-cleansing foods. My stomach is smaller, I FEEL lighter, I'm not overcome with my usual cravings for sugar, my moods are even (ie: not super-bitch then nice wife in the same minute :P), I've lost a lot of inches AND I've lost 9 pounds. All this in just 5 short days.

I certainly don't expect the weight loss to continue to be this drastic, and I know I'm losing a lot because i have a LOT to lose, but it does wonders for the old psyche and self-esteem :)

Marius is out for a second night in a row..... last night out for dinner with a client and tonight out playing volleyball and is currently at the pub. However, he's not having that much fun since it's hard to find things on menus that you are 'allowed' to have. So although it's hard to be a single mom all day and night, at least I know he's not out scarfing down nachos or something :)

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brian7 said...

I was facing addiction and wanted to go to a recovery school. These guys are the best and the really know how to help a person grow.