April 8, 2007

Cleaning 'house'

So my husband and I started a 2 week cleanse today... figured we're doing a huge spring clean and de-cluttering of the house this month, why not include our bodies! It's not a very hard one as you eat healthy while adding in some liver and colon-cleansing foods and then don't eat any sugar, sweeteners, alcohol, gluten, wheat, refined carbs, fats (except olive and flax oil) and dairy. Surprisingly, there's still a lot of choice and we're not feeling hungry. My husband's been interested in doing one for a while but I couldnt as I was still breastfeeding.. now that Matt has decided that 'breast is NOT best'! i'm free to do anything I want to my body!

I'm really excited about this... i'm hoping it will kick-start further weight loss and get me on the right path. I've done them before and I always feel so great and 'clean' afterward.

I'm also finally ordered my Treadclimber on Thursday and I'm SO excited.. I find it so hard to get out and exercise with 2 kids, and being able to do it at home will be so convenient.

My eating has been terrible these past few weeks so here's hoping I get back on track!

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