April 11, 2007

I'm addicted...

... to facebook! I can't get off it....and it's driving Marius crazy!! Just today I think I reunited with at least 6 people from high school that I haven't talked to in almost 20 years!! crazy

On the 'cleanse' front, I'm doing great.. I'm down another 1 1/2 pounds and my track pants are literally falling off me (of course they're really old track pants and I wore them all through my pregnancy - but still, it's nice to have pants 'falling off me'!). I can really feel that I've shrunk.. regardless of how much I weigh - I feel lighter - SUCH a great change from the bloated, full, heavy feeling I usually feel.

I don't feel hungry, in fact I don't even feel like eating most of the time. It's amazing when you eat 'clean' and cut out the junk how full you can feel. Usually I always 'feel' hungry - but I know it's a psychological hunger for sugar. Also a physiological hunger for sugar for sure, but now that I've cut it out of my diet, my body isn't craving it. Plus, I ate more today than I usually do - just all clean.

Gotta go make our special cleansing tea :) ...oh, and get back to facebook!


Wheebs said...

Glad the cleanse is going well!

Leslie said...

thanks Wheebs - you're so sweet :)