March 7, 2007

Just cause I feel good about it!

I'm posting this picture to prove (to myself) that I CAN take a good picture these days... although to avoid the horror of the double chin I took it from 'above'... a little trick you might be familiar with :)
If I could, I would get anyone taking a picture of me to stand on a stair, their tiptoes or that the very least, hold the camera up high above their head. How sad is that!
Got my hair cut (it's been a year!) and had the stylist straighten it for me - LOVE having straight hair. So much so, that when Marius asked if I was going to go for a walk tomorrow morning, I had to really think about it... was it worth losing the straightness?!!! Sad sad - he knew exactly what I was thinking too - he knows me way too well :)
For today anyway, I'm thankful for my 'kicky' straight hair. Hope it looks ok curly!!


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