March 20, 2007

Getting over my scale woes

Ok, so I'm over it. I'm going to keep my new scale and just go with what it says. I tried changing numbers to reflect the difference, but I just ended up feeling like I was cheating or something. I figure in the long term, I won't care about a discrepency in March '07!

I'm also going back to only weighing myself twice a week- Thursday and Monday. Thursday to make sure I'm on track - Monday as my official WI. The only problem is that I have to weigh myself in our dining room on our laminate floor - everywhere else is either carpeted or tiled and I've found the scale is inconsistent on tiles. We have windows everywhere, so I have to find the one spot where I can't be seen, quickly undress, weigh and get dressed again. RIDICULOUS what we do in the name of weight!

So my new scale weighs me in at 274. This is ok with me.

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Wheebs said...

Hahaha...isn't it funny how we get into a weighing "routine"? I always take a shower, go to the washroom, step gingerly on the scale...then either rejoice or grumble and go to bed :P.