March 8, 2007

What will I look like....

when I've lost all this extra weight? It's a weird question. I think that after losing 160 pounds that I will look very different. But I still can't visualize. Will I look younger? Like when I was 16? I was thin then... but I've aged, so I know I'll look different from that girl.

It's a very strange question and I was thinking about it as I brushed my teeth. I was going to ask Marius what he thought, and then chickened out... silly me, still don't like drawing his attention to my weight. Like he doesn't notice every time he looks at me!

I can't wait see what I will look like. Me but with cheekbones I guess! We'll just have to wait and see :)

Thank you husband for loving me no matter what.


Shirls said...

I asked myself this same question many many times, my Dad just told me I look like I did when I was 13, many people tell me I look years younger, any way you think about it, the results are all positive.

Tanesia said...

You write very well.