March 15, 2007

my not-so-nice new scale

Ok, so this great new digital scale I bought it causing me GREAT concern in that it is reading 7 pounds heavier than my old analog/dial one!!! 7 freakin pounds! What do I do with that? Do I really have to go back to being 7 pounds heavier than I thought I was and just wait til my weight loss catches up with my current numbers?

Right now i step on my lovely new scale, grimace, and then run to my old relic and breathe easier. It's especially bad because I am down 3 pounds according to my old scale and ALMOST into the 260s.

I'm thinking that maybe I should change all my numbers by adding 7 pounds to them... or maybe I should just take it back! The reason behind buying it in the first place so that I wouldn't be able to 'guesstimate' my losses/gains... hard to argue with 271.2 :o)

1 comment:

Wheebs said...

Unfortunately I'd probably go with the numbers on the new scale. It sucks, but you'll have those "extra" 7 pounds out of the way soon anyway :)