March 11, 2007


Today I received an email from an old friend... and when I say old, i mean junior high and high school - like 19 years ago!! We lost touch after highschool - i don't remember why, but i have always felt guilty about it as I believe it was me who stopped talking for some reason. I've thought about her lots over the years but always felt too embarrassed to get in touch. Well it turns out she feels the same way - like it was HER fault. SO SILLY... we could have been friends all this while!!!

I got in touch with her through classmates. I finally caved in and joined as i really want to connect with old friends - and voila - look what happened on the first day as a member!

This is part of me getting over myself and my fears of rejection. I dont want to live with regrets about past relationships anymore, and so this is one way of dealing with that... working good so far!

I'm thankful for all my wonderful, supportive, caring friends - I love you guys!

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