March 1, 2007

Ways I sabotage myself

Here are some of the ways I sabotage my weight loss/health gain (I'm sure there are more - I came up with these one night as I was journalling):

  • 'I'm going to start tomorrow, so I should pig out today (ie. it's my last chance to EVER eat junk!)'
  • 'I screwed up so I should just pig out for the rest of the day'
  • 'I was so good yesterday, I deserve to treat myself today'
  • 'I lost weight last week even though I cheated, so obviously I can do this by cheating'
  • 'I've had a hard day, so I deserve a treat'
  • 'If I can't do it "perfectly" or "all the way", then just don't bother doing it at all (ie. I can't devote 20 m inutes to stretch, so it's not worth it)'
  • Making unrealistic promises (like telling myself that I will NEVER eat a certain food) which perpetuates the cycle of lies, distrust and not believing in myself

I will examine and analyze each of these at another time - just writing them down is enlightening!

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