July 26, 2007


WOOHOO!! I am SO excited... to see my family, to go to my most favorite place in the world, and to get out of the same old same old daily routine around here. I'm totally scared about staying onplan while I'm away, but I'm bound and determined to incorporate some healthy strategies while there. Usually I incorcorporate the *I'm on vacation, so let's eat and drink and not exercise* strategy.... I dont go in planning to do this, but it has always organically taken over basically as soon as I step foot on cottage soil!! So this time, I am going to:

1) walk - the cottage road is along the lake.... it's beautiful.... 'nuff said. NO excuse why this cant happen daily
2) eat well - my husband and I get there first and we're doing the big grocery shop, so no reason why there wont be healthy food in the house.
3) get out there in my new bathing suit and enjoy swimming every day with the kids and NOT let my self consciousness get a hold on me. I think the more active I am and the more fun I'm having, the more I wont want to quell negative thoughts ("I look awful in this bathing suit") with a food fest
4) eat tons of fruit and veggies for snacks
5) drink tons of water
6) limit the alcohol... I like a nice fruity alcoholic drink in the evening while sitting around watching the sunset, but I wont go overboard.

I hope everyone has a great 2 weeks and I look forward to catching up on all your blogs when I return!!!