July 19, 2007


Down .5

I actually feel pretty good about it. At least it's going in the right direction! I'm also going to give myself a little break since it's TOM... not sure if that really affects my weight loss or not, but it makes me feel better to think it does, so I'm gonna :)

I'm NOT going to be perfect this week - there's no such thing. I am, however, going to do everything in MY power to stay on plan. And I know I have the power - just have trouble summoning it up sometimes. But I'm going to do everything I can to kick the butt of that fat girl's voice inside me who has up to now being in control of my eating - how dare she not believe in me!!!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Heck yes! A loss is a loss! That's a great attitude to take!!!! TRUST ME, I have had more than my fair share of 1/2 pound loss weigh ins!

Leslie said...

Thanks Becks (good friends are allowed to give nicknames, no?) - knew you'd be chiming in with support :)

Here's to a successful and fun-filled-watching-our-weight week :)

Ashley said...

Punch her in the face!! (the fat girl voice, I mean) Just kidding, I don't condone violence...usually. =) Celebrate your loss, you worked hard for it!

TinyTrim said...

Whoohoo! That's a great loss! Every little bit counts :)

And that fat girl is in denial, she's actually a skinny girl emerging every day! Occasionally she gets confused so pay her no mind and feed her a Cadbury Thin every so often ;)

Ro said...

I agree with everyone...a loss is a loss. Every little bit counts towards your ultimate goal!! So Way to Go!! Good luck next week!

ms.wantab said...

You go girl, kick that fat girls butt! You can do it. Congrats your your amazing weight loss so far!


ps. of course you can bookmark my blog! Can I put a link to yours on my blog so I can check back on yours?