July 12, 2007


I stayed the same!! YAY!!! How exciting and inspiring!!! pfffftttt Can you sense my sarcasm?? Oh well, shake it off *shake shake shake*. My RESULTS match my effort and commitment this week, as they should. Hardly any exercise and 2 dinner dates with girlfriends where I went *all out*. I'm lucky I didn't gain!

This is an area where I consistently trip myself up. Going out to restaurants. I have that *I'm at a restaurant, and I need to indulge myself* mentality. Realize that I have always had it - maybe cause we never got to go to restaurants much when I was a kid and it was always such a *treat* when we did?? Regardless of why I do it I have to be accountable to the fact that only I have control over what I eat, and that even though I went in with a carefully thought out strategy of what I was going to eat, the fact that it all went to hell as soon as I saw the menu (and the other girls started debating on whether to get hot spinach/artichoke dip or the chicken wings to start - damn them anyway!!!), can only be blamed on myself. I have to get over this mentality that just because I'm paying for the food, doesn't mean I have to treat myself. I mean I pay for the food I eat at home too!! And there are always healthy choices that taste as good as the nachos. Ok, who am I kidding.. it's rare a green salad tastes as good as nachos (or FEELS as good as nachos :P), but the bottom line is that I HAVE to change how I behave when eating out if I want to be successfull at losing weight. PERIOD. Otherwise I'm going to have to just abstain from going out til I lose the weight.. which is ridiculous - I have to be able to do this while living my life and having fun. How else will I learn to sustain it?

Anyway, blah blah blah. I'm not going to beat myself up over not losing, however disappointed I feel. I'm not a failure - I'm not a bad person - I don't *deserve* to binge because I feel badly. It's just an accurate result of my actions. Which I was in total control of. Learn from it!!!

I read an article a while back about people who had been successful at losing weight and it said that one of the reasons these people were successful was because when they faltered or made a *bad* food decision, they did not give themselves permission to throw the whole day away and stuff themselves, but immediately moved on - ready to make a good decision the next time they ate. This really resonated with me, as I definitely have the *I've already failed, so the day is shot - let's eat!* mentality. But if I could lose that and take that one decision for what it is - ONE BAD DECISION - and just move on to make better decisions for the rest of that day, I think I could definitely be successful. I think this journey will be all about the THOUSANDS of decisions I will have to make. I have to acknowledge that every decision is an opportunity to either propel myself forward or push myself back. I think it scares me that I have so much control!!!

My mission this week is to stay on plan. I did it my first week and I was successful so I know that it can be done and that I am capable of doing it. One decision, one day at a time!


marie said...

another big thing is NOT depriving yourself. I find that when i'm TOO restrictive, all i want to do is binge. treats are good, it's just about moderation and control!

you're doing great :)

TinyTrim said...

I know staying the same isn't all super happy joy-joy, but ya gotta admit, at least you didn't gain! :)

And it's so true about that all-or-nothing attitude. I still struggle with that, but I'm getting better. I remind myself that each decision is a new opportunity. I like how you've described it being thousands of choices, not just one! We're not perfect, but we still have the power of making more "good" choices than "bad."

Regarding the restaurant dilemma, I'm sure you've heard this a bunch of times, but I find it always helpful to look up the restaurant menu beforehand and make choices on that. Then I mentally rehearse beforehand how I'll handle the temptation of choosing something different.

Anyways, congrats on staying the same and letting it inspire you to keep going :)

Ashley said...

I agree, at least you didn't gain weight! I totally am on the same page about decision making. It also helps to look positively at your good decisions. Instead of thinking, "Poor me, I don't get to eat that brownie", I'm trying to think "I'm deciding not to eat that brownie so that I can look great when someone takes my picture". It's funny how we all face the same problems - just wait till we're all doing the skinny dance!! (I've never been skinny, so I'm not really sure there is one, but I'm sure we can make one up!)

Leslie said...

The *skinny Dance!!*

Wow - bet it's more attractive to watch than the *fat dance* :)

Colette said...

Your right the best thing you can do when you make a mistake is "own it" as they say and move on!! Your doing great...just don't give up. I have about the same amount to lose as you do.

good luck

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Okay, so you may have overindulged last week, but you are STILL funny, and in my book, that counts big time! It helps me to not only plan what I'm going to order before I go, but also to eat a little first... I know it sounds silly, eating before you go to dinner, but having a 2 point fiber one bar before I leave saves me from ordering a huge plate of nachos as a starter... somehow I feel more in control at restaurants if I don't go on a completely empty stomach... Just a little suggestion from a fellow food fanatic!

TheLibertine said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I'll link to yours if you'd like!

and i have that horrible restaurant mentality too. I've been avoiding them like the plague lately, but when the time comes to eat out i'm going to have to muster all the willpower i have. (and last i checked, i didn't have much!)