July 5, 2007


I hesitated to put an exclamation mark on the title of this post, cause I don't really think a .5 loss is *all that and a bag of chips*....

Disappointing, but not that surprising.. knew I wouldnt have another big loss like last week and I wasn't able to exercise this week at all, plus I sort of lost the oomph to track points these past 3 days.... I've proved that guestimating WILL NOT WORK!!! At night in bed, I'd start counting up my points, and it's amazing how much more you eat when you're not tracking. Lesson learned. I'm getting on that treadclimber tomorrow regardless of this darn toe - I'd love to see a bigger loss next week!

Oh well, onward and downward!

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Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Good for you- Keep it up... I love your blog!