July 8, 2007


I felt compelled to write this tonight at 12:50AM... a completely ridiculous time since I told M he could sleep in tomorrow - which means I'll be up with the kids at 7am LATEST. I'm such a night owl - I get a second wind around 11pm and all of a sudden lil miss lazy feels the need to tidy, clean, read blogs, and watch inane sitcom reruns. Morning Leslie HATES night Leslie. hates her.

Oh well, the reason I felt compelled to write is because I opened my blog tonight and looked at the ticker I placed at the top of my last post. As I read it left to right as any normal english speaking person would (i say this because you read right to left in Hebrew which is just craziness) I first see *41 pounds lost* and I think WOOHOO!!!! But then as I read further it says *119 to go* and the woohoo quickly loses its ooomph. That ticker just seems so smug and taunting and it just seems so impossible - that's a lot of weight girlfriend!

Which brings me to a related topic...I'm always so incredulous when I hear that someone wants to lose 20 or 30 pounds and is lamenting at how hard that is, and all I can think of is that I need to lose that in just my left butt cheek.. I would sell said left butt cheek to only have to lose 20 or 30 pounds. I'm not saying it's not a lot of weight to lose for that person, but it seems so piddly compared to my huge amount. I can't even imagine how I will feel to see the balance tip on the side of amount lost... I will have had to have lost 80 pounds or something (I'm not willing to do the math at this hour). *SIGH* seems so insurmountable. However, thanks to WW and all the gals out there blogging their weight loss, I know it IS possible, and so I pledge to keep plugging away. One day I will be able to celebrate with my smokin' 40-pound less butt - that's both cheeks :) - on our weight loss.

Ok time to sleep - at least it's M's turn to get up with the baby for his feeding tonight! OK OK, morning leslie - I'M GOING!!!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I could have written this post for you because I feel just the same way... First of all, I LOVE being up at night and find myself cleaning things I'd never touch during the day... But more importantly, I used to look at my ticker and feel the same way... 10 pounds lost, 40 to go... it can feel SO pointless and overwhelming... Thats why you just have to focus on the pounds lost and feel super proud of yourself for that! You are doing awesome and I'm totally impressed by how much weight you've lost because I know how hard it is. Keep on keeping on girlfriend!

TinyTrim said...

Oh, how I've felt this way! That ticker can really be discouraging to see how far there is to go.

That's why I set my ticker differently when I was first getting started. I tracked my losses based on losing 20lbs and not the whole thing at once. Progress looks much more pronounced on a smaller ticker that way and when you reach the end of the ticker, it's yet another reason to celebrate.

Also, think of all your NSVs so far. I bet you've got scads of them. When I was feeling down about the long journey ahead, someone told me to look forward to the NSVs and to enjoy the whole journey. Although I doubted it at the beginning, she was right! The more NSVs you get, the more you look forward to the next and you're not constantly thinking about how much longer it might take.

Keep up the good fight and be proud of what you've accomplished so far. 41lbs is beyond awesome, it's super awesome! :) :) :)

brian7 said...

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