July 21, 2007

Yet ANOTHER reason to hate being fat!

So I got my hair done today. It was the 3rd time in 5 months. Before that it had been a year since I'd gotten it cut (luckily with long curly hair you can do that - sort of)! I decided back in February that getting my hair cut was a way to start taking care of myself and treat myself to a bit of pampering (GASP - imagine!).

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hairdresser. She is the first person that I have gone back to in MY LIFE for a repeat cut. I LOVE my hair these days and love going in to see her. She spends almost 2 hours on me and I come out feeling all swingy and sexy. Plus, she always straightens my hair, and if you have curly hair, you know how exciting that is!

HOWEVER..... I HATE sitting in front of that mirror looking at my face. It happens every time... I get my hair washed and sit down on that hydrolic chair (more on that in a minute), look up and BAM! I'm stunned at how I look. Hair wet and slicked back, the rolls that appear because I'm sitting (I mean, how often do you look at yourself in a mirror when you're sitting? Shocking - that's all I can say) and I just FEEL HUGE. And then I see the cape.... ahhhh the lovely 'fat-hiding' cape. Once that's on, I can almost pretend that there's a thin person under there. Except that I have no neck and my face still looks fat... but still - if it wasn't for the cape, I don't know that I could sit there making small talk.

And then she starts to pump the chair to raise me up. Does anyone else ever feel fear and trepidation when that chair starts rising? I'm sitting there wondering what the weight limit is on those hydrolics and how humiliating it would be if the poor things just couldn't take it. How everyone would hear the sad hissing noise they'd make as they slowly gave up and I slowly sunk down to the floor. There are no words.

I CANT WAIT to not think these ridiculous energy-robbing thoughts anymore. I imagine that when my weight is not such a big issue, that I may be able to just sit there and enjoy the hair cut (again, GASP!).

I won't even talk about catching myself in the windows/mirrors as I bounced out of the mall. I chose to avert my eyes to my hair and capitalize on the *straight sexy hair moment*. I'm glad I did, because I stepped out into torrential downpour. Bye bye sexy straight hair - guess it's time to go back to being a pony-tailed mommy :)

PS: Hair is already starting to curl in this picture
PPS: ** Picture Taking Tip: Take picture from above.... and voila - 50 pounds lighter :) **


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

I think your hair looks great - and I love your color!! I have naturally curly hair, and having it straightened always makes me feel kind of glamourous! I hated my hair until I finally found someone who knew what to do with it - you know how hard that is!! It's adorable!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I am SO there with you... I hate sitting in that dang chair, staring at my chubby face with my hair wet and slicked flat against my head... it's a little rough on the old self esteem, you know? Your hair looks super cute though and so do you!

TheLibertine said...

you took the words right out of my head regarding getting your haircut and catching sight of yourself in windows and mirrors. i think it would feel so great to not be totally disgusted with myself. I hope it happens soon!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great! And I ALWAYS feel like a blimp in the hairdressers chair. Wet and sitting just doesn't look good on anybody! LOL

Anonymous said...

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